The Enduroco 4×4 Coaster bus conversions are available for both right and left hand drive, petrol or diesel and automatic or manual variants.

The possibilities are endless with the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster’s extensive list of available options. Whether your requirements be for a motorhome, tourism operations, beach cruiser, rural school bus or a complete mine-spec converted transport solution; the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster bus can cater for all.

Available options include and are not limited to; all terrain tyres, super single wheel conversion, seat occupancy monitoring system, automatic passenger entry step and many more. With leaf spring and coil spring packages on offer, the EnduroCo team can assist you in building a Coaster suited to your required application, location and needs.

Now with a build partner in the UAE, EnduroCo can facilitate the needs of tourism operators requiring a 4×4 vehicle capable of moving up to 21 passengers in comfort, allowing for improved experiences by being able to transport large groups within the one vehicle.

As a proven mine-spec vehicle, the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster is the perfect solution for passenger transport, travelling to, from and on site.
With A large selection of options available; it’s easy to see why the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster is the ideal choice.

Having passed both the International Lane Change and Slalom test, the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster conversion has been designed, tested and manufactured to not only meet, but exceed the Australian Standard for passenger carrying vehicles.

Complete 4WD System incorporating;
Electronic or Manual Select Transfer assembly
Solid beam front axle with DANA style heavy duty differential
Constant engagement drive flanges or free wheeling hubs
Re-designed front suspension / coil spring or leaf spring
Modified rear suspension
Increased ride height by 200mm
OEM dash mount switches
Front under body protection
4-way breathers
Front driver entry / exit step
Raised GVM to 6400KG
Full Engineering Compliance on conversion
Available Mine-Spec options:
Seating reconfiguration
Black steel Bull Bar
LED Driving Lights / Light Bar
Rear protection bar / towbar
Automatic headlights
Super single wheel conversion
Upgraded tyres
Cargo barriers / Storage cage
High vis fleet signage and call signs
DSS & IVMS System installs
Mine Spec radios
Wheel arch reductions
Automatic fold out passenger entry step
Roof mounted mine bar
High Vis buggy whips / flag pole
Seat occupancy system
Heavy duty canvas seat covers
And much more!


Built in conjunction with our build partner in the UAE; check out this EnduroCo 4WD Coaster cruising through the sands of Dubai.
The EnduroCo 4WD Coaster undergoing the official International Lane Change and Slalom testing; passing with flying colours.