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Upgrade your vehicle to a real 4×4 with EnduroCo; the 4WD conversion specialists for the Toyota Hiace/Commuter and Coaster vehicles.

With 100 years of combined experience, EnduroCo has established a design, manufacturing and distribution network to provide complete offroad 4WD transport solutions.

EnduroCo sets the standard for technology, affordability, versatility and comfort.


EnduroCo 4X4 converted vehicles are utilised in a variety of different industries both domestically and internationally, providing transport solutions for those requiring the ability to navigate difficult or harsh terrain. Some of these applications include mining, tourism, emergency services, civil works and rural communities.





EnduroCo 4×4 converted buses are the perfect solution for personnel transport in the mining industry. With the ability to safely move up to 21 passengers in comfort, the EnduroCo 4×4 bus can also be equipped with a complete list of site specific options, delivered as a turn-key package.


Whether a Hiace or Coaster bus, an EnduroCo 4×4 converted vehicle provides adventure tourism operators the ability to reduce the running and maintenance costs of multiple, smaller capacity vehicles by enabling larger groups to be transported together in the one bus, also improving the experience for all.


Emergency service and aid assistance vehicles when converted to 4WD with the EnduroCo product allows for greater access into areas previously unable to be navigated.

Whether it be an ambulance, disaster recovery, search and rescue or even law enforcement vehicles – the EnduroCo 4×4 Hiace and Commuter is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What vehicles does the EnduroCo conversion suit?

EnduroCo 4×4 conversions suit both the Coaster and Hiace/Commuter vehicles.
The Coaster 4×4 conversion is available for models built 2006 onwards.
The Hiace/Commuter conversion is available for new generation models built 2019 onwards. 

Where can EnduroCo conversions be done?

EnduroCo has partners around Australia and overseas.
Please refer to our contact page for your nearest distributor.

Can I buy the EnduroCo 4x4 conversion and install it myself?

Unfortunately no. All EnduroCo products must be installed by either EnduroCo or one of the appointed distributors.

How can I become an EnduroCo distributor?

EnduroCo already has appointed distributors in each state however please get in touch via the contact form with your details to discuss further. 

What sort of warranty does EnduroCo offer?

All EnduroCo conversions are backed by a limited 3 year / 100,000km warranty.

WHy choose enduroco?

Our 4WD conversions are completely engineered and tested to gain Australian Government Federal IPA or Secondary Stage Manufacturing approval.
Whether needing to operate in the outback or beach environment, up high along a snowy mountain pass or underground for mining operations; the Australian made EnduroCo 4WD conversion will impress with its build quality, comfort and affordability. Tried, tested and manufactured to withstand the harshest Australian conditions; get equipped with an EnduroCo 4WD conversion today!

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For all enquiries please use the contact form on this page, or feel free to call us directly:

Phone: 1300 493 493
Email: sales@enduroco.com

You can also visit us at:
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