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Upgrade your vehicle to a real 4×4 with EnduroCo; the 4WD conversion specialists for the Toyota Hiace/Commuter and Coaster vehicles.

With 100 years of combined experience, EnduroCo has established a design, manufacturing and distribution network to provide complete offroad 4WD transport solutions.

EnduroCo sets the standard for technology, affordability, versatility and comfort.

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EnduroCo 4×4 Coasters are the perfect solution to passenger transport for the mining and forestry industries, allowing the movement of up to 21 passengers in safety and comfort over harsh terrain.

Suitable for the transportation of workers to and from site for all aspects of mining including open pit; whether oil, gas, or precious metals, these truly capable vehicles have no boundaries.

Reliable, safe and comfortable; the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster can be fitted out with a variety of options to suit any and all applications.

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Alongside mining and forestry, the EnduroCo 4×4 Coaster and Hiace Commuter benefits the tourism and education sectors as a vehicle capable of navigating degraded or otherwise undrivable conditions.

Allowing tour and adventure operators the ability to transport large groups within the one vehicle; this not only increases the tour and sight-seeing experience for customers but also reduces the running and maintenance costs associated with using multiple smaller vehicles for the business.

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Emergency service and aid assistance vehicles when converted to 4WD with the EnduroCo product allows for greater access into areas previously unable to be navigated.

Whether it be an ambulance, disaster recovery and response or even law enforcement vehicle – the EnduroCo 4×4 Hiace and Commuter is the answer.

Designed for when 4WD applications aren’t a requirement, but an increase in GVM and lift are necessary; the EnduroCo 2WD Lift Kit perfectly caters to fleet and trades people providing greater load capacity and ease of site access.

WHy choose enduroco?

Our 4WD conversions are completely engineered and tested to gain Australian Government Federal IPA or Secondary Stage Manufacturing approval.

From the outback to sand and beach environments, the Australian made EnduroCo 4WD conversion will impress with its build quality, comfort and affordability. Tried, tested and manufactured to withstand the harshest Australian conditions; get equipped with an EnduroCo 4WD conversion today!