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    2WD TO 4WD

    EnduroCo proudly presents a new 4WD option!
    1300 4WD 4WD (1300 493 493)

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    These vehicles are the next generation in 4WD bus technology, versatility, affordability and passenger comfort.
    1300 4WD 4WD (1300 493 493)

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    1300 4WD 4WD (1300 493 493)

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    1300 4WD 4WD (1300 493 493)

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Looking for the ultimate conversion transition for your vehicle? EnduroCo’s 2wd to 4wd conversions will turn your vehicle into a 4wd coaster powerhouse. If you need an all-purpose vehicle that can handle the variety of the Australian weather and environmental elements including sand, mud and the outback terrain, the EnduroCo™ 4WD conversion specialists will be able to aid you with your 4WD conversion needs.

Get the latest 4WD conversion kits with EnduroCo products!

Get the latest 4WD conversion kits with EnduroCo products!

EnduroCo™ provides the latest 4WD conversion kits for 4WD, coaster and bus conversions. EnduroCo™ offers unique conversions for Toyota buses, vans and coasters. Discover what to look for in a 4WD conversion and why the heavy duty DANA derived differential system and a matching fully engineered suspension are what makes the EnduroCo™ 4x4 bus conversion "easily the most capable vehicle in its class."

Find a 4WD conversion dealer near you!

Find a 4WD conversion dealer near you!

Partner with a 4WD dealer that won’t let you down. Your EnduroCo™ dealer will help you explore new 4WD transportation options to suit your needs. Speak to an EnduroCo™ 4WD conversion dealer who can help you work out your options to convert a safe, reliable, economical 4WD and deliver you the 4x4 power that you always wanted for your vehicle. Enquire today!

Talk to a 4WD conversion expert.

Talk to a 4WD conversion expert.

No need to fear getting stuck in a rocky rut. Our design team will work with you to prioritise safety, comfort and the 4WD ability for your vehicle when undergoing the 2WD to 4WD conversion. Our team of experts will guide you through the design, build and testing phases for your new Toyota 4WD conversion to help you achieve your off-road transportation goals.

Why Choose Enduroco™?



EnduroCo™ has invested in Safety, Testing & Government SSM & IPA Certifications.
When it comes to delivering the best in 4WD conversions, EnduroCo™ has invested in design and innovation to deliver the highest safety and passenger comfort. We take control from concept to R&D through to production approval. EnduroCo™ is proud to have designed the first Toyota Hiace 4WD conversion, to have SSM or IPA approval on both the bus and van variants. Our 4WD conversions pass the coveted international lane change stability tests.



Exciting new 4WD Bus Options
EnduroCo™ ignites the 4WD bus and emergency response and ambulance sectors with a 4WD auto transmission option and engineered suspension. EnduroCo delivers increased travel to improved ground clearance, that is required to achieve 'best in class' off-road performance and 5 Star comfort. EnduroCo™ specializes in conversions for Toyota commuter buses and coasters. To find out more, enquire about the conversion kit options available for your vehicle. When considering 2WD to 4WD conversions, invest in safety with EnduroCo™.



Make a difference by improving standards.
The EnduroCo™ Team seeks to innovate and improve 4WD transport solutions and options through 2WD to 4WD conversion. EnduroCo™ is committed to delivering a safe and affordable 4WD conversion solution that is locally manufactured to the world’s best practice on “state of the art” multi axis CNC equipment. We can also assist you if you need to convert your emergency vehicle, medical transportation or vehicle to suit your service and industry conditions with a 4WD kit.



Cutting edge suspension ability! Converting an on-road vehicle into 'the most capable in its class off-road 4x4 bus or vehicle requires a fully engineered solution. EnduroCo's™ 4WD conversions for 2WD, buses and coasters deliver increased ground clearance, a heavy duty DANA derived differential matched with purpose built suspension to deliver 5 stars in performance and comfort. If you are looking to invest in a high performance 4x4 coaster conversion that will give you complete confidence, don’t settle for less when you can go with EnduroCo.

Enduroco™ delivers fully engineered 4WD conversions and automotive upgrades. We are Australian based and have local manufacturing and R&D facilities, supported by an impressive national dealer and production facility network.

Wherever You Want To Go?

Upgrade your vehicle to a real 4x4 coaster with EnduroCo™, 4WD conversion specialists for the Toyota 4WD Commuter bus, 4WD Coaster bus and 4WD Hiace Van!

 With 100 years of combined experience, EnduroCo™ has established a design, manufacturing and distribution network to provide the complete off-road 4WD transport solutions. EnduroCo™ sets the standard for technology, affordability, versatility and comfort.

Passenger safety and comfort is at the forefront of everything that we do. You can take comfort in knowing that when it comes to delivering the best in 4WD conversions, EnduroCo™ is your conversion specialist.


 EnduroCo™, with the support of Alfred Lewis Engineering’s “state of the art” manufacturing facilities, proudly boasts to be only Australian manufacturer and dealer network producing the patented Toyota Commuter Bus and Hiace Van 4WD conversions. Having control from concept to R&D and to production approval allows EnduroCo™ to offer clients tailored 4WD transport options in the emergency response, ambulance, remote passenger transport, remote education, tourism and 4WD service van sectors.

 Our 4WD coaster conversions are fully engineered and tested to gain Australian Government Federal IPA or secondary manufacturing approval. The EnduroCo™ Toyota Commuter Bus and Hiace Van 4WD conversions are an engineered solution that is tried, tested and manufactured to withstand the 
harshest Australian conditions. From the outback to sand and beach environments, the Australian made EnduroCo™ 4WD conversion will impress with its build quality, comfort and affordability.

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Client Testimonials

Paul / East Coast OKA

/ Ph: 0408 125 428

I use and recommend the EnduroCo™ E70 or E80, DANA derived differentials for all OKA diff upgrades. East Coast OKA is the exclusive distributor for the EnduroCo™ range of OKA products. We collaborate to support owners by manufacturing a wide range of OKA replacement and performance improvement upgrades. We work together keeping OKA trucks on the road.

Ben / 4B Fafrications & Performance Tuning

/ www.4bfabrications.com.au

4B Fabrications, being a one stop shop for general service & repairs, 4x4 ute & engine conversions and suspension lifts, we see a wide range of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Recently 4B Fabrications were engaged by EnduroCo™, a local quality automotive upgrades manufacturer, to assemble their new design Toyota Commuter Bus 4x4 conversion. This conversion turns your average 2 wheel drive “Maxi Taxi” Toyota bus into a true 4x4 with an electronic transfer case giving 4 High and 4 Low ranges. When assembled, the 4x4 conversion looks ex-factory, the workmanship and finish are superior and it works and rides great. What is really special, and makes this 4x4 conversion unique, is the complete suspension overhaul and the 140mm increase in ride height, making this 10 to 14 seat bus a real off-roader. All this by an Aussie company called EnduroCo™.

NBN Fibre Optic Company

The EnduroCo™ 4WD Toyota HiAce van has proven itself in some of Australia's most difficult terrain, allowing us to meet and exceed installation deadlines.

Indigenous Community Services Company near Alice Springs

The addition of several EnduroCo™ 4WD Toyota Coaster's to our fleet has made a big impact to the indigenous women and youth of our western Alice Springs communities. We are now able to move people in comfort and safety 12 months of the year.

Indigenous Business Finance Company

The fact we can offer a cost effective and viable alternative (EnduroCo™ 4WD Commuter) to the Toyota Troop carriers has seen us deliver these vehicles to Cooktown, Alice Springs, Gove,  Darwin to name a few. It's 12 forward facing seats all with lap/sash belts, ABS, Airbags and OEM air conditioning front and rear have proven very popular with our clients.

Outback Travel Australia

easily the most capable vehicle in its class